Notice of Intent to Move

30 Day Notice of Intent to Move
Once completed, please contact our office at (928)704-6530 to ensure we have received your notice.
My/Our 30 Day Notice of Intent to Move.
1) Rent and any other charges must be paid in full through our last day of occupancy. 2) The entire premises must be clean. The carpets must be cleaned professionally, after all furniture, etc. has been removed, and home is empty. Sun River Properties can arrange this, or I will provide a paid receipt for professional carpet cleaning. 3) All original keys, garage door openers, data chips, pool keys, mailbox keys or any other keys that were issued to me/us for entrance to the above property must be returned to Sun River Properties. Rent will continue until all are returned. 4) There is no damage to the property that was caused intentionally or accidentally. (If there is damage, the cost of repairs will come from security deposit). 5) I have fulfilled the entire term of my rental/lease agreement. 6) I agree to leave utilities connected for 3 days after my keys are returned to Sun River Properties, to allow adequate time for inspection and carpet cleaning.
Today's date.
How many keys and remotes are you returning? When and how will they be returned to our office, at 1700 Lakeside Dr, Suite 10, Bullhead City, AZ 86442?
Where you will receive mail, once you have moved.